it's all new for me. everything. decoupage, handmades, blogging... i never thought that i can do something like this. and in the middle of my life it just happened. my two daughters gave me most beautiful gift ever! they made for me a little place only for me. they prepared workshops of decoupage. and told me only few words: mummy you've got all in your head and your hands. now is the time you should finally believed it yourself and power of your heart! so i began my adventure. it's a new world but i love it!

i've got a lot of stuffs i made, but now i need some time to start with this blogg. so please, be patient!
i hope that everyone who will visit me here, will find something for themselves. be my guest! i will open my whole soul, heart and

see you soon! i'll put a lot of images and ideas here...

hugs, Grasina!

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