#12. my lovely workshop part 2.

here I am! :) today is an exciting day, because I started with facebook! i don't know much about it yet I hope that I'll learn it quickly! sooner or later ;))) 

today I come to you with next pictures of my workshop! i just want you to see my little world full of joy and magic! i spend many hours here... doing decoupade, drinking tea and thinking about my family. it's amazing!

welcome in my place...

 hope you like it! hugs, Grasina!

#11. autumn 2012 roses collection.

I found a new roses pattern! of course now it's my absolutely my favorite one! beautiful peach-raspberry color! big flowers! mmm delicious! :) it fits perfect for the new, autumn collection! it is warm and cosy, hope you like it!
just a little bit of my roses at the beggining :)

be happy! Grasina

#10. my lovely workshop.

autumn is here! i can't belive that the last time I was here it was spring!

during this time I did a lot of new stuff..  e.g. I took part in Tomato Festival in Rennesøy, where I had a booth with all my art ;) i'm going to add some pictures of that! it was really amazing for me. people were so nice and excited about my decoupage. i sold a lot of things and after that I had to start to do new things!
just because I really enjoy it! and of course because of that it's winter soon... and christmas... and chrismtas markets! I don't have that much time! :) but I'm so excited and I just can't wait for it! it's so fantastic to make it and to share it afterwards! :) and of course to meet all those peoples... other selling artists and of course visitors! 

anyway, now I'm here... and I'm going to show you a little bit of my workshop... actually I had never said anything about my workshop! I still almost can't belive that I have it... my own place... with all materials I need, with all those beautiful colors! it's a kind of magic! just take a look!

and here is how I preparing for Christmas... 

hugs! Grasina! 

#9. sweet picnic basket.

it's almost spring! everyone is waiting for this time of walks in the park, open air meetings and of course picnics! it' s getting closer so we need to preapare :) that's why i want to show you guys today a new picnic basket! the main motive is large, single roses in the magenta color. it's very sweet. if he already have cute picnic basket, we only need a nice blanket, a little something good to eat, nice company and we are ready to go! :))) wish you a nice outdoors time and see you soon!

as soon as the sun appears
i'll take my daughter to great picnic on the beach
:) i can't wait! hugs!


hope you like it :) hugs, grasina!

#8. red poppies - has been sold!

i love red poppies. i also love yellow ones but red are special for me.
i like folk style so i was enchanted by these unique flowers. and right now when spring is almost here i have to add some warmth, some color to help that spring come sooner and faster! :) to let her carry much joy and happiness!
that is what i wish for all of us on this beautiful weekend
! :) hugs!

#7. it's been a long time...

yes, it's been a long time since my last visit here. but finally i'm back! i had a lot of work
and duties of lady of the house did not allowed me to deal with a blog :) i really missed my blog so i'm here and since now i'll be more systematic. i have a lot of new stuffs i made so i can share them all :)

but before that i
have one thing out of date... but i need to share and show you guys my first ever Christmas market. it was big deal for me! folks really liked my work and that was amazing :) so now is the time for some photos... 

some things you already know other you will know and some has been bought :) that's all for today. have a nice friday and see you soon! 

hugs, grasina!

#6. Christmas soon! It's a final countdown :)

so today I decided to show you what i prepared. at first I need to say how much I like, well actually I love angels. some time ago I started to collect them. i think it's always a wonderful gift.
and now is time, when I started to make my own Angels... i give them a lot of emotions. i made many kinds of Angels, like guardian angel, angel who gives hope, like angel who gives love and joy...  
and everyone are very important to me and unique! hope you'll like it :)
like i said. it's a final countdown, so I need to complete handmade gifts, start to wrap all of my gifts :) 

our home is already decked out for Christmas. on tuesday I start cooking and baking with my daughters. and at the end (early morning of December 24th) the magic of dressing a Christmas tree!

i'll show you something new before Christmas, so come back soon! 

hugs, Grasina!