#6. Christmas soon! It's a final countdown :)

so today I decided to show you what i prepared. at first I need to say how much I like, well actually I love angels. some time ago I started to collect them. i think it's always a wonderful gift.
and now is time, when I started to make my own Angels... i give them a lot of emotions. i made many kinds of Angels, like guardian angel, angel who gives hope, like angel who gives love and joy...  
and everyone are very important to me and unique! hope you'll like it :)
like i said. it's a final countdown, so I need to complete handmade gifts, start to wrap all of my gifts :) 

our home is already decked out for Christmas. on tuesday I start cooking and baking with my daughters. and at the end (early morning of December 24th) the magic of dressing a Christmas tree!

i'll show you something new before Christmas, so come back soon! 

hugs, Grasina!

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