#12. my lovely workshop part 2.

here I am! :) today is an exciting day, because I started with facebook! i don't know much about it yet I hope that I'll learn it quickly! sooner or later ;))) 

today I come to you with next pictures of my workshop! i just want you to see my little world full of joy and magic! i spend many hours here... doing decoupade, drinking tea and thinking about my family. it's amazing!

welcome in my place...

 hope you like it! hugs, Grasina!

#11. autumn 2012 roses collection.

I found a new roses pattern! of course now it's my absolutely my favorite one! beautiful peach-raspberry color! big flowers! mmm delicious! :) it fits perfect for the new, autumn collection! it is warm and cosy, hope you like it!
just a little bit of my roses at the beggining :)

be happy! Grasina

#10. my lovely workshop.

autumn is here! i can't belive that the last time I was here it was spring!

during this time I did a lot of new stuff..  e.g. I took part in Tomato Festival in Rennesøy, where I had a booth with all my art ;) i'm going to add some pictures of that! it was really amazing for me. people were so nice and excited about my decoupage. i sold a lot of things and after that I had to start to do new things!
just because I really enjoy it! and of course because of that it's winter soon... and christmas... and chrismtas markets! I don't have that much time! :) but I'm so excited and I just can't wait for it! it's so fantastic to make it and to share it afterwards! :) and of course to meet all those peoples... other selling artists and of course visitors! 

anyway, now I'm here... and I'm going to show you a little bit of my workshop... actually I had never said anything about my workshop! I still almost can't belive that I have it... my own place... with all materials I need, with all those beautiful colors! it's a kind of magic! just take a look!

and here is how I preparing for Christmas... 

hugs! Grasina!