#6. Christmas soon! It's a final countdown :)

so today I decided to show you what i prepared. at first I need to say how much I like, well actually I love angels. some time ago I started to collect them. i think it's always a wonderful gift.
and now is time, when I started to make my own Angels... i give them a lot of emotions. i made many kinds of Angels, like guardian angel, angel who gives hope, like angel who gives love and joy...  
and everyone are very important to me and unique! hope you'll like it :)
like i said. it's a final countdown, so I need to complete handmade gifts, start to wrap all of my gifts :) 

our home is already decked out for Christmas. on tuesday I start cooking and baking with my daughters. and at the end (early morning of December 24th) the magic of dressing a Christmas tree!

i'll show you something new before Christmas, so come back soon! 

hugs, Grasina!

#5. Christmas time! Angels time!

it's here! my favourite time of the year! I couldn't wait for it! of course I made some new stuffs inspired by Christmas topic :) hope you'll like it!

i hope i will be here often to show more Christmas ornaments :)

prepare to Christmas everybody! hugs! :)

#4. a very rosy jewellery box

i want to share that box with you. despite the fact that it is already sold. which of course makes me very happy :) i will wrote about it soon, now i can only say that last saturday i was on Christmas Market! :) yes, everything happens so fast! i'm so excited! one year ago i couldn't even dream about it.. and today? - magic & happiness are all around me.. :)

this box was one of the first stuffs that i did :)

see you soon & snowy hugs for everybody!

#3. peony picnic basket

hello december! hope you'll give me a lot of warm inspirations! i'm so ready to create! :)
it's winter time now but i need to give you a little bit of sun! that's why i made a picnic basket.
here i used my mother favourites flowers - peonies. every year i wait for Mother's Day to give them my Mom :) maybe you can take this basket for a picnic with your moms? it can wait for spring or summer days full of joy and sun rayses :)

right now i want to wish all of you a very magical month! :)
ps. i need to find some good gingerbread cookie recipe :)